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Our Trips & Rates

Please contact us for current specials, promotions and “Open Boat” trips!

“Open Boat” specials are the perfect opportunity if you cant find enough people to fill a whole charter. We do the legwork and find them for you!  Please call for availability and reservations.

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Pelagic Beast 1 Rates & Trips

3 Hour Kids Trip $495

This trip is geared towards younger children and children’s birthday parties we recommend this for children five years and up

4 Hour Trip $595

This trip is great for those that just want to get out for a little while and is geared more towards Scup, Seabass and fluke we recommend this trip for families and children ages 10 and up

6 Hour Trip $795

This trip will allow you to target more than one species and is also ideal for striped bass bluefish and blackfish fishing

8 Hour Trip $995

This is a great way to spend the day targeting several different kinds of fish that the western Long Island sound has to offer and highly recommended for striped bass and blackfish this trip is recommended for the more serious fisherman

Pelagic Beast 2 Rates & Trips

5 Hour Trip $749

This trip is perfect for kids and bottom fishing provides lots of action a little closer to shore

8 Hour Trip $999

This trip is ideal for striped bass and bluefish, fluke and all bottom fishing within a 15 mile proximity of the dock

10 hour bass and bottom fishing trip $1295

This trip allows us to fish on some of the best fluke Seabass striped bass grounds in the north east from Montauk to block island

10 hour shark trip $1595

This is a great option for people that want to shark fish when the fish are a little closer to shore highly recommended the month of June August September and October

12 hour cod/bottom fishing trip  $1495

12 hour shark fishing trip $1795

This trip will give you a 60 mile range from the dock and a little more fishing time to improve your chances of success.

12 hour shark and tuna combo $1995

This trip is geared towards inshore bluefin tuna you’ll be trolling for approximately 3 1/2 hours and shark fishing for approximately 4 hours Great for those that want to catch a variety of big game inshore species

18 hour offshore trip $2995

This trip allows enough range and time to get out there and find different species that the north Atlantic has to offer such as tuna sharks marlin mahi swordfish wahoo and tile fish

24 hour canyon trip $3795

This trip will get you far enough offshore to where the big boys live and give you enough time to put several different species on the boat you will spend around six hours trolling during the day for tuna Marlin, mahi and wahoo set up at night to chunk for tuna and swordfish

36 hour canyon trip $4995

This trip gives you everything the 24 hour canyon trip gives you but with 12 more hours of fishing time

$150 NON- REFUNDABLE deposit required on all 3-8 hour trips. 10+ hour charters a $350 is required

*A 20% gratuity is customary for the first mate and is NOT included with charter prices.*

Information for your trip

4-1*No Fishing License is Required! We have you covered!
*Lack of experience? No problem! We will help every step of the way!
*Children are more then welcome aboard the Pelagic Beast!
*Prices include all bait and tackle.
*Pricing is per-group not per-person.
*Fish cleaning is included.

Things to consider bringing

*Cooler for the fish you catch
*Jacket or sweater
*Sun screen/block
*Snacks and drinks
*Beer is permitted

Please keep in mind:
*No Glass bottles, No hard alcohol, No illegal Drugs

 Gift Certificates are available Contact US!


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