Our Captains

Meet Our Captains

At the end of the day the Captain wants you to be safe, have fun, and learn how to bring in the big game independently (with confidence). It doesn’t matter if you need to start with the basics, or dive straight into advanced techniques. Our captains are dedicated to giving you an experience you won’t forget! Besides…It’s great to have that epic fishing story to share with family, friends and co-workers. Call the Pelagic Beast today and schedule an action-packed day of fishing!    Call now: 914-216-4899


Captain/ Owner: Jason Spina

Captain Jason began fishing from a very young age, being taught by his grandfather, who was an avid fisherman. His life-long dream was to do what he loved, as a career, sharing what he’s learned over the years with others. He began his career in 1997 working as a licensed guide on Lake Champlain in New York.
Over the next 20 years, he professionally fished from the South Atlantic Ocean in Florida, to the Gulf of Mexico in Texas, giving him a wide variety of experience. He then went to captain’s school and obtained his 100 ton United States Coast Guard Captains license while working on party boats along the coast of the Long Island Sound. It was now time to do what he’s always dreamed of, and opened up the Pelagic Beast Fishing Charters sailing out of Norwalk CT and over the last year has acquired the Pelagic Beast II sailing out of Stamford CT, with intentions to keep growing.


Captain: Jared Macha

Captain Jared has proved himself to be a dedicated, hardworking and important team member of Pelagic Beast. He has a wide variety of fishing background, both recreationally, beginning at just 8 years old as well as professionally.

Below is his biography.
At 8 years old I went on my first striped bass charter and landed a 48lb striped bass. A few years later my parents got a boat and we began fishing and haven’t stopped since. When I was a sophomore in high school, I began working as a mate
on several different fishing boats. I fell in love with the job and decided to get my United States Coast Guard Captains License. I’ve caught 200lb big eye tuna, 400lb mako sharks, 50lb striped bass and numerous 10lb fluke.”’

Jared has his OUPV 6 pack captain’s license and has become a favorite among the kids. We are excited to have him part of our team.

Captain: Wylie Berg

Captain Wylie came to us last year as a mate. In between working many crazy shifts and hours, he was able complete school and obtain his United States Coast Guard OUPV 6 pack captain’s license. This winter he returned to Florida, where he lives part of the year, and runs a very successful fishing charter business from December thru June. His fishing experience is quite diverse, fishing all over the world, from fishing for marlin in Panama to trout fishing the pristine waters of New Zealand. We are very excited that Wylie will be returning to us this year as a full time captain.

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